Where to Buy Challenge Coins

23 Feb

Challenge coins were once called commander coins as well as unit coins.   These coins bear different meanings to different groups of people.   You will see people attaching special memories, hard work, and friendship on them.   Different law enforcement units have their unique challenge coins.   This practice of having challenge coins began with the United States Air Force personnel.   These coins came as a result of someone who wanted to show appreciation for the tough job the servicemen had on their hands.   They would hold on to them as a reminder of what they had to do to keep the fight going.

Bronze plating is the choice for these coins.   Some can have silver and gold plating as well.   The face of the coin has the badge and motto of the unit.   To this day, these coins hold a special part in the hearts and pride of each unit member.   New members are usually given one of them, to show their acceptance into the team.   They can also be given later as a way of boosting their morale.   For all these reasons, having such a coin brings a lot of pride in an officer, click here!

There are now more people interested in these coins, apart from law enforcement and the military.   You will see them being traded at auction houses, online website, and through private individuals.   They are all looking to see where they will get the rarest, unique and valuable pieces.   When you wish to get your hands on one; you need to confirm whether it is genuine, as there are many fake ones in the market.   When someone says they are selling a particular coin, you need to find out when it was issued and exactly what was printed on it first.   Generally, the older coins going back to the world wars are more valuable.   The modern ones are the cheaper ones.   You will also score great value when you get those issued for acts of courage beyond duty by law enforcement officers.   They are even more so due to their limited numbers, view here!

You need to see to it that the coins are not damaged when you are buying them.   Whenever you acquire a coin, you need to know of some requirements.   It is upon you to ensure the coin does not get damaged or defaced.   If this happens, the coin shall no longer be recognized as a collector's item.   This rule has affected so many collectors who wanted to wear their coins and so had a small hole drilled on them to add to a chain.   They are now rendered valueless due to such an act.   You need to do your coin inspection thoroughly before buying.   Note all the damages you see. Look for more facts about AA coins at http://www.encyclopedia.com/literature-and-arts/language-linguistics-and-literary-terms/language-and-linguistics/aa.

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